G.B. Heidarsson

General Manager, SparkPost
9:30 - 9:45

19th March Main Stage Day 2

The Multiplier Effect of Lower Funnel Optimization

Email has the remarkable benefit of driving a huge return on investment for companies. There’s a missed opportunity, though, that could accelerate this ROI even more.

The focus for optimization is typically deeper down the email conversion funnel--segmentation, creative, content, products shown, offers, etc. Because each micro-conversion in the funnel is a place where recipients can disengage and fall out of the funnel, the lower layers of the funnel have the biggest impact.

It is these lower layers that are most often neglected when it comes to optimization, though. Join G.B. Heidarsson General Manager at SparkPost, as he gives a short history lesson on email, shares a client case and why now is the time to focus on optimization at the base of the funnel to generate a huge impact to your overall revenue.

The good news is that the recommendations are much easier to implement than optimizations further down the funnel.