Kait Creamer

CRM Marketing Manager, Framer

Kait Creamer advocates for innovative and inclusive email marketing both in and outside her work as Framer’s CRM Marketing Manager. Vice chair of the EEC’s Events and Education committee, featured on Phrasee’s “Who to Follow” series, and 2019 Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year award winner, she’s an expert and enthusiast in email, data, and marketing automation, continually pushing for next best campaign. Prior to joining the Framer team, Kait managed the email and digital marketing strategies at Boulder innovators Scaled Agile and MakeMusic. She believes thoughtful design, clear communication, and human-first development can (and should) change the world for good.

10:50 - 11:20

18 March 2020 Main Stage Day 1

Using Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Email Zen

Email geeks work hard to be the experts in our field, so it can be frustrating to feel torn between serving internal leadership versus what subscribers want. But when we increase our emotional intelligence, we can effectively serve both, streamline our own workflows, and feel really good about it throughout the process. I’ll cover tactics like listening to understand, giving before you get, and using data to support or challenge a perspective so we can help people become more effective in their work and relationships.