Kath Pay

Founder, Holistic Email Marketing

Kath lives and breathes email marketing, she is not only a world renown speaker and trainer but practices her art with her consultancy, Holistic Email Marketing, where she is Founder and CEO. Many years ago she coined a phrase, Holistic Email Marketing and not only practices this approach within her consultancy, but also teaches it to her students and clients. She is one of the World’s Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers (Vocus, 2014).

15:45 - 16:10

19th March Main Stage Day 2

Innovate your mindset and reimagine your marketing

We all know that email marketing is a strong channel that delivers excellent results – but let’s face it, it’s very easy to take it for granted and run our email marketing programs on auto-pilot. Kath will have you questioning the email marketing practices that you have always accepted and more importantly equip you with a desire to ask “Why”. Designed to help you to innovate a new marketing mindset for yourself, you’ll leave seeing your email marketing program through a new perspective.

17:25 - 17:50

18 March 2020 Main Stage Day 1

0% to 100% in Gmail? Yes, It Happened, and Here's How!

Be warned, the following sentence can spike fear in even the hardiest and most experienced email marketer: “Our Gmail deliverability is down!”.

Those of us who have been in this situation know that deliverability is an art, but it often has been thought of as being a mystical art. Happy to say, you do not need to become a mystic or a magician to have good deliverability – just some solid know-how and a lot of common sense.